Dropa Cover


A government assassin comes out of retirement to hunt down the alien responsible for killing the former members of his team.

My first movie

My first time on set was on the set of Dropa (formerly know as Patriot Act.) I was really excited. The weather that day was 28 degrees Fahrenheit and I had to bail out on a family holiday get-together.

It was soon that I would learn that my scene was to be shot outside. I had to wait for hours as the previous seen was shot and reshot. one of the leads Michelle Ellen Jones had to lay on freezing concrete in a thin dress to play the victim of the murder.

It was so cold that my fingers were hurting and I was shaking, so were the other actors and crew. I felt so bad for Michelle. They had to constantly bring her blankets and warm her up.

The production made sure that I got movie credits and made sure to provide me with the footage for my reel. I was also invited to the premier. Not all productions take such great care of their non-union staff.

You can see a full list of my movie credits on my iMDB page.

I am glad with my decision to be part of this film. It was great working with everyone. In addition to being a great director, Wayne Slaten is a great person.

It was also a pleasure working with Julia Oliver Touchstone.