Perfectly Oblivious Cover

Perfectly Oblivious

Synopsis: A story about twins who go on a journey to search for their biological father. What a shoot! The scene I was is was to be shot at a different gas station, but there was some kind of problem. We had to go drive all the way out to an old gas station that was run privately. The character I play, Omar, is a pretty funny guy!

Mary Did You Know Cover

Mary Did You Know?

Synopsis: A biblical revised version of the birth of Jesus Christ featuring His mother Mary. Showing the obstacles she may have faced in the 20th century being a virgin claiming that she is expecting a baby from the Holy Spirit, and not her fiancé. What would the reactions be in this society? This project was lots of fun! I really enjoyed playing the role of Shawn. I wonder if the

One Crazy Christmas

Synopsis: Sabrina, a successful divorced attorney must juggle her family and guests during Christmas dinner when her daughter, Leslie, surprisingly brings home her new fiance, Juan, and also invites her father, Glen, Sabrina’s ex-husband. I got to see a lot of familiar faces. I had a lot of fun, I loved bing on set with other fellow actors. I was a bit disappointed when I realized they did not give

Dropa Cover

Patriot Act

Synopsis A government assassin comes out of retirement to hunt down the alien responsible for killing the former members of his team. My first movie My first time on set was on the set of Dropa (formerly know as Patriot Act.) I was really excited. The weather that day was 28 degrees Fahrenheit and I had to bail out on a family holiday get-together. It was soon that I would